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PowerPoint Presentation and VIVA – Batch 9 (2023 – 2024)

March 11 @ 8:30 AM - April 13 @ 4:30 PM

Trainees may undergo both PowerPoint presentations (PPT) and Viva Voce examinations (VIVA) as part of their training for several reasons:

Assessment of Learning: Both PPT presentations and VIVA examinations are assessment methods used to evaluate a trainee’s understanding of the material covered during their training program. These assessments help trainers and educators gauge the trainee’s comprehension of key concepts, theories, and practical applications.

Demonstration of Skills and Knowledge: PPT presentations allow trainees to showcase their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a structured and visual format. Trainees can use PPTs to demonstrate their understanding of the material through slides, visuals, and explanations. In contrast, VIVA examinations provide an opportunity for trainees to verbally demonstrate their knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in response to questions posed by examiners.

Feedback and Development: Both PPT presentations and VIVA examinations offer opportunities for trainees to receive feedback on their performance and areas for improvement. Trainers, supervisors, or examiners can provide constructive criticism, guidance, and suggestions for further development based on the trainee’s presentation or responses during the examination.

Communication Skills Development: PPT presentations and VIVA examinations both help trainees develop their communication skills. Presenting information in a PPT format requires clear and effective communication of ideas, while VIVA examinations assess a trainee’s ability to articulate their thoughts, respond to questions, and engage in meaningful dialogue with examiners.

Preparation for Real-World Situations: Both PPT presentations and VIVA examinations simulate real-world scenarios where trainees may need to communicate, present, or defend their ideas or knowledge. By undergoing these assessments during their training, trainees gain valuable experience and preparation for similar situations they may encounter in their professional careers.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Utilizing both PPT presentations and VIVA examinations allows for a comprehensive evaluation of trainees’ learning, skills, and competencies. PPT presentations assess the trainee’s ability to organize and present information visually, while VIVA examinations evaluate their ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and apply their knowledge in real-time situations.


March 11 @ 8:30 AM
April 13 @ 4:30 PM