Why is Teacher Training Mandatory?

Why is Teacher Training Mandatory?

Why is teacher training mandatory?

Training teachers is mandatory in the 21st century mainly because of the fact that current generation students don’t comprehend traditional teaching methods. We cannot teach students of today with methods of yesterday. Students in the 21st century need personalization in education. Each student is unique in myriad ways including in the way they think, analyse, understand and go about academics. It is therefore important for our existing system to bring in this change. Training teachers to know how to view their students as unique individuals with different learning styles is the game changer. Once teachers understand this and know how to cater to the various learning styles, they will positively impact hundreds and thousands of students.

Teacher training is also more critical now than ever because teachers today are struggling with identifying and filling the learning gaps in students to bring them up to grade level.

Major Merits of teacher training programs:

  1. Professional growth
  2. Better Student Management
  3. Equips them with modern pedagogy strategies
  4. Builds better relationships with parents
  5. Impacts thousands of students indirectly

Our education system needs to go from “Is teacher training important?” to “Our teachers MUST be trained regularly!”, only then can any other change we bring into our education system really impact students positively.

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